Self-adhesive labels

Dear Madam/Sir, we are happy to release our PVC self-adhesive labels. The labels are 2x2cm of size. They are transparent, so they do not disturb the appearance of the product. Also, they are permanent and resistant. The price is 0,50 kn per piece, and are sold as a set. The set consists of 10 labels of the same colour, for example, 10 labels of blue. They are bowed and tactile recognizable.
The product can be ordered via our Lunas Spectrum association by the e-mail:
The costs of shipment pays the customer.
The example of the use of the labels is showed in the photo. On the upper side there is the label for the black colour, while the label for the silver is below.


Lunas Spectrum memory

Dear Madam/Sir, we released our Lunas Spectrum memory. It is made of the wooden plates dimensions 4x4x1 cm. The labels are printed so they are possible to be simultaneously tactile felt and seen. Memory consists of 15 pairs (30 plates) – blue, yellow, red, green, orange, violet, brown, crème, pink, white, black, grey, golden, silver and transparent. They are placed in the frame on which numerical and literal labels are put. They mark the position of the plate inside the frame. The system is similar to the game of chess. Memory is demountable and takes a little space while transporting. It is not targeted only to the blind people, but it can be used by everyone. It can be ordered via our Lunas Spectrum association at the price of 140 kn + shipment.