Workshop for meeting of blind women of Slavonia and Baranja was held on 28th May 2016

Workshop was held at the location of Organization of the blind of Virovitica-Podravina County

On Saturday, 28th May 2016 the workshop named Lunas Spectrum – colours for the blind was held in the building of Organization for the blind of Virovitica-Podravina County within the company of blind women of Slavonia and Baranja. This meeting is part of the network of the blind women of Croatia who throughout this activity, meet together and support each other. Their meeting on Saturday was begun by introducing them with our innovation. In one-hour long presentation we met the group of thirty blind and partially sighted women with the whole system of labels using the tactile guides. Then we gave them a practical task. Totally blind women were given the tactile drawing of flower on the transparent plastic film prepared by Vedran Stanić and our helper Andrea Kovač. The partially sighted women were given the already coloured drawing of the flower on the white paper with LS labels. Their task was to figure out which colour labels the drawing was marked with and according to this model, to colour the empty drawing they also got. This task was performed very gleefully and diligently. The blind women commended Lunas Spectrum and a few of them even showed the interest for the further collaboration towards the spread of our system. Anyhow, in the near future, there are several of workshops to do and probably one exhibition.