In a big hall of Central hotel in Bjelovar at the exhibition named 4th Saloon of innovation, Vedran Stanić and Perica Mihaljević won the Big award of Saloon with the innovation called The system of tactile coulour labels for the blind people. It is about the tactile labels made of dots. Following the painting logics of emergence of colours, this System from the lables for three primary colours and labels for black and white creates the labels for the secondary, tertiary and other colours. Thus the authentic tactile labels whose creation is described by their appearance are created. The system contains the method of darkening and lightening of coulours, their toning, combining, adding the level of transmittance and brightness and cmyk system. It covers a large shade spectrum and it enables to understand the development of colours, its everyday usage through the labelling of different items by self-adhesive or stitched labels with the colour labels. It also offers the possibility of painting. Saloon of innovation in Bjelovar has been held for four years on the organization of Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Bjelovar County Chamber and it represents the innovators from entire Croatia.

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